About. Alexandra Grevtseva — Art-photographer in Germany


My name is Alexandra and I am an art photographer. My main areas of creativity are staged portraits and a love story. 

 From childhood I was interested in art: music (singing, guitar, piano), painting, architecture and sculpture. I liked it all and I couldn’t choose one thing. But over time, photography was able to combine all my addictions. Thanks to her, I can depict the music of the soul, the beauty of the human body and the most amazing places. That is why I like photography so much. 

For me, this is not just clicks on the shutter button, but a whole art. And I am very glad that you visited my site! After all, this means that you also think)  

I was interested in photography when I was at school. It all started when my parents gave me my first Nikon D3000 camera when I was in the 8th grade due to the fact that I was recovering on my first trip abroad. Since then, 10 years have passed. Then I could not imagine that I would become a professional photographer. But thinking about this, I understand that this was to happen. In the end, the ends of everything and everyone pushed me to this!  

The main directions of my activity  

  • Individual and production photoshoots  
  • Love-story
  • Art projects  
  • Retouching photos  

My experience  

I’ve been engaged in photography since 2011. 

From 2012 to 2013 I was a reporting photographer at the stadium. In 2014 I graduated from the Academy of Photography. For a long time I worked in the studio, filming families, love-stories, portraits.

At the moment I live in Munich (Germany). I hold photo shoots around the world.

Contact with me

Facebook: grevtsevalex

Instagram: alex_grevtseva

WhatsApp: +39 320 012 1400